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Our courteous and knowledgeable teachers are always happy to help you. Here are some frequent questions for your convenience.


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What are the dress requirements for class?

Appropriate dancewear and shoes are required for all classes. For your convenience, dancewear may be purchased through Idea Factory, Inc.

Visit our new online Dance Boutique to purchase all of your dancer's gear.

If preschool dancers wish to wear skirts, you will note that styles with attached skirts are required rather than those with separate skirts. Full-length jazz pants may not be worn for classes other than Jazz and Hip Hop/Funk.

Tights are encouraged, but if bothersome to your child please provide thin socks for both their comfort and the durability of the dance shoe. No bare feet inside dance shoes other than contemporary.

Dancer’s hair should be up, secured off of the neck and away from the face. In the event of a short hairstyle that cannot be placed in a bun, braid or ponytail, hair should be secured away from the face with a headband. Jewelry should NOT be worn with the exception of small button style earrings.

ALL Male students for all dance disciplines: Bike shorts; tank or short sleeve tees shirts; white socks. See individual class in online store for shoe requirements.

ALL Adult level classes: Comfortable attire suitable for the dance discipline for which you are enrolled. Appropriate footwear is required but the style in at your discretion. Various styles for each class are available in our studio store.

Do I stay with my child?

We strongly request that parents and guardians do not stay in class with their child. This allows the students the freedom to explore dance without the pressure of weekly performance.

Parents of students new to our programs are permitted to wait in our lobby waiting area, if needed. Please remain in the assigned waiting area until the instructor has dismissed the children from class. Any special requests for visiting class will be given due consideration. We thank you in advance for understanding this policy.

How is tuition billed?

For your convenience, a statement of tuition due is emailed the last week of each month (the week prior to it being due). Failure to receive a statement does not excuse late payments. Payments received after the close of business on the tenth of the month are considered late (no exceptions) and a $15 late payment fee will be added to your account.

There are no deductions for absence from class. Any classes canceled due to inclement weather, teacher illness, or holidays will be made up as scheduled by Idea Factory, Inc. Tuition is based on an average of 4 classes per month.

Is there a year end recital?

Yes! There are separate recitals for school age and preschool aged dancers. Costumes are ordered with full payment due in January. Costume fees are non-refundable. Performances are held in mid-June, with the exact date dependent on school schedules. OutReach sessions have informal dance presentations scheduled at the end of each session with minimal costuming requirements.

What if my student needs to miss a class?

Idea Factory, Inc. does not encourage children that are ill to attend class. However, each class builds upon a curriculum of dance skills and missed classes may hinder a student’s progress in our programs. Therefore, attendance at both regular and makeup sessions is strongly advised.

If a dancer does need to miss a class, please notify us so that we can plan accordingly. Occasionally a missed class may be made up by attending another class held for your dancer's level. Please contact us for additional information regarding this policy.

Are there private lessons available?

Private lessons are available to interested students who may have missed class due to extensive illness or are requesting extra help with a skill they find difficult to master. Cost is $25 per half-hour session or $40 per hour session.

Are classes held if there is a School Teacher Work Day?

Idea Factory does not follow Teacher Workday closure for our studio classes. Idea Factory serves students from the Asheville City, Buncombe County and Henderson County School districts, as well as numerous private and charter school students. Therefore following any particular school's calendar would not be feasible.

Are studio classes held if schools are closed for inclement weather?

Idea Factory does not follow Buncombe County School closure for studio classes. If roads in the Roberson District are clear and passable, classes will be held. Please call our school's voice mail at 828-277-4010 after 12:00 noon on the day of class to see if classes will be held as regularly scheduled. Morning classes will occasionally be held on a delayed schedule.

Classes held as part of our OutReach programs will follow these individual schools/centers inclement weather closings.

We're happy to answer any questions you have about our studio!


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